How to 应用 for 金融援助

STEP 1: 应用 for Admission

申请入学 到全球网络赌博平台.

STEP 2: Complete FSA ID

完成一个U.S. Department of Education FSA ID注册 if you do not have an FSA ID to use for your electronic signature.

STEP 3: File your FAFSA

Each year complete the Free Application for Federal Student 援助 (FAFSA) form as soon after October 1 as possible. JC’s Federal ID Code is 002274.

4 .奖学金

探索的类型 scholarships available at JC.

STEP 5: Keep in 联系

Respond promptly to any requests from the 金融援助 Office for additional information such as copies of federal tax returns, verification of untaxed income or benefits, 等.  Requests are most typically issued via email or through your Jet Stream account.

联系 金融援助

STEP 6: Explore Additional Options

Explore other financial aid options available in the community. 联系 high school counselors, parent/student employers, 当地企业, 专业, civic and social clubs and organizations, religious clergy and public or college libraries.

Remember, you must reapply for financial assistance each academic year!

Determining the Amount of 援助

Most financial aid is awarded to students on the basis of need: estimated expenses – tuition, 书, 供应, 运输, 食宿, and personal expenses – minus your family’s expected contribution.

Related Educational Expenses include: tuition and fees, 书 and 供应 (pens, 铅笔, 纸, 文件夹, 计算器), 食宿, 运输, 贷款费用. Unrelated educational expenses include, but are not limited to: electronics, equipment (not required for your enrolled classes), accessories and clothing.

Remember you must file a FAFSA to be considered for federal and state grants.

Estimate your Federal Student 援助